A new way to
send & receive

DropX helps businesses and anyone move anything, anytime, conveniently.

Start moving items today:

It is not too much to ask

Ha! I need to deliver this now.

Imagine an easy operation for your business, just imagine, a time when all you need to do is package your product and have it safely delivered without issues.

But dispatch riders will not allow you be great.

Moving anything should be easy and straightforward. We remove the complexity.

Add multiple destinations and pay at once, send now, send later, your choice. point to point delivery redefined.

Now with DropX Your business can definitely do more.

No make them use your business play

I am on my way, I am close by.

I am on my way, I don almost reach, my tyre is flat. – We are all accustomed to these excuses. no one should play with your business.

In a world where everything is moving fast, don’t stay on a spot, keep moving quickly, get items picked up and delivered on the go within your city relax & track.

You are in control!

Live Tracking

Watch your items go from pick up to delivery in real time!

Multi-point Deliveries

Conveniently add multiple destinations, pay at once

Favorite locations

Save locations so you won’t have to type it again.

Become an Xman/Xwoman

Earn good money helping businesses and anyone move anything.

Accept orders and deliver Items. Sign up with your bike, van, car, or truck to start earning money for every delivery you make. Work with your own schedule and pick items that suit you best. Be your own boss and track your earnings with every order.

More Flexibility. More Income. Start earning today.